Drop by for a Quick Pick-Me-Up on the Road

Come to Potomac, MT's favorite local bar

Do you miss the days when you could stop by your local restaurant for a homemade meal while you're on the road rather than going to a drive-thru? Potomac Bar & Country Store is exactly that. Based in Potomac, MT, we've been open since 1949. Drive on by your local bar and country store today to have a good old-fashioned in a mountainous environment.

Need a Place to Stop During Your Travels through Potomac, MT?

Swing by our local country store for convenience store snacks


More than a bar

Potomac Bar & Country Store is more than just your average local bar in the mountains. We have everything you and your family need while out on the road. Come in for:

American cuisine: We proudly serve fresh burgers, wings and prime ribs, to name a few of our delicious menu items.
Convenience store snacks: We have candy, ice cream and fountain drinks if you want to return to the road quickly.
Alcoholic beverages: We serve your favorite beer, wine and liquor from our fully-stocked bar.
Gas: We have what you need to stock your car up and get to your destination as soon as possible.

At Potomac Bar & Country Store, you'll stop for the food but stay for the scenery.

Experience our community

As an established local country store for over 70 years, you can feel the sense of community within Potomac Bar & Country Store right when you walk in the door. And since we're the only gas station and store within 20 miles, we're frequently visited by guests from across the country. Visit our local country store with your friends or make some new ones while you're here. We'll be delighted to have you.